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Mid Week Crisis?



Middle of the Week and All is Not well it seems? Monday i said USA is having an Economic Melt Down and Europe would be Next? Well i never really thought it would be so Quick!!! European Countries are now Running around in Circles Trying to Prop up their False Economies while their Banks and Finance institutions are starting to Fall like Dominoes!!!

Thailand Is Making World Headlines again with a Bunch of Idiots Running around Protesting in the Name Of Democracy!!! The Only statement any of them Made which is close to the Truth was when they said: “You can’t have Democracy when They are Buying the Votes in the Rural Areas” Well Hello You are in Asia!!! Is there anywhere in the World that has Real Democracy let alone Here??? When the Minority insists on Overthrowing Governments Elected by the Majority i would have to Question the Democracy of that? Most of the People would bring back Thaksin if they could? Having said that i Bet most of Iraqi was Better off when Saddam was the Boss and would gladly go back to that time if they could? The Resulting affect to Tourism of this continued Publicity Fueled Protest will Hurt everyone in Thailand so they are chopping off the Hand that Feeds them!!! The Sad thing is all this Trouble is confined to a street or two around one Area and 99% of any Tourist who visits Thailand would be Oblivious to anything going on!!! Such is the Negative Power of the Media specially the Big News Channels like BBC and CNN.

At the moment things are Slow here in Chiang Mai compared to Normal but we are still getting by at the X-Centre and hope that continues, Besides our own Bills that need paying we are responsoble for alot of Local Staff and we would Hate to let any of Us Down!!!

Well that’s about all for Today so have a Good one.

Cheers Ian.

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