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New ATV’s.



This weekend We received 5 New ATV for Our New Moto – Park, Training, Track & Trip. Saturday We got two of these 150cc  ATV

Aaron on Our New Konik 150cc ATV

X-Centre Konik 150cc ATV

Chiangmai X-Centre ATV.

Then this Sunday We got 3 of these small 70cc ATV for the small Kids who want to have some fun, learn or just play around!

3 New 70cc ATV

Aaron on Our New 70cc ATV.

We have Quite a Line Up now ready for Customers! 70cc, 150cc, 250cc and 500cc!!!

X-Centre Chiang Mai Off Road Line Up!!!31 09.45.44 (Medium)

Off Road ATV & Buggy at Chiang Mai X-Centre!2014-08-31 09.46.27 (Medium)

New ATV ready for Chiang Mai XC-Centre Training, Track, Tour!.07 (Medium)

Will be a lot happening here over the next Six months so looking forward to some Action and providing People with Some Fun and Smiles!!!

Cheers Ian.




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