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New Paintball!!!



Over the Last month or more Our Staff have been Busy Constructing a New Paintball Field. We Built a New Office and Armoury with a Nice Big Roofed Viewing Area so People can Watch the Games in Comfort. This is Now the Newest and Largest Paintball Zone in Chiang Mai!!! Finally This week we had Our First Big Paintball Game on the New Course. Tiger-Mart which is like a 7eleven at Petrol Stations around Thailand Had their Staff from Lampang book the Field for the Day All Worked Well and went off without any Problems!

Here’s a couple of views looking over the Paintball Field.



Here are some Photo’s of the Game in Progress!



Game over!!!


And Here are some Group Photo’s of the Players.



And the Final one of Everyone in front of the New Office / Armoury!!!


All Worked well so look forward to many more successful Games Here in Chiang Mai! Next is a New Target range!!! And Great to have the New Paintball separate from everything else.  See You here Soon.

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Peter

    March 19, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Congratulations. Can’t wait to try it out.

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