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New Year & Barbie Car!!!



Well what a week this turning out to be, Really Busy Our Staff are rushed off their Feet. For one Staff especially,  Man a Thai Guy with an English Accent had Too Much to Drink last night and Broke His Leg in a Bike Accident. Unfortunate for Me the Bastard had Taken one of My Bikes, Bugger!!! 

Obviously the Troubles of  Thailand and the World Economy haven’t taken to much Toll on the New Year Holidays as the X-Centre is Full Throttle with People!!! No doubt after the weekend things will go back to normal which will be great for anyone Driving around as I have never seen such Bad Traffic as in Town at the Moment!!! Forget Trying to Go there unless You have to.

Another Novelty for the Buggy Customers especially the Girls is our Barbie Car.


The Staff are rebuilding any Buggy that is looking a bit shabby as they have Time and got a little carried away with the Colour Scheme on this one!! Here is a Proud Gomin with Barbie Car on its return to service on Boxing Day!!!


The First Customers. PINK SEATS???

So Happy New Year to Everyone and Lets Hope it Stays Good for us all.

Cheers Ian.

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