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New Years Eve with a Bang!



New Years Eve We had a Staff Barbecue and party which went off Well. They have had a very Busy Weekend with it being a Public Holiday  Long Weekend Northern Thailand has been Full up with Thai Tourists from the Capital! So Everyone has been Working Flat out and deserved a few Drinks!

Some of Our Staff.

The Night went Off with a BANG thanks to Kiwi John who Turned up with a Pile of Fireworks much to Aaron’s Delight!!!

Here He is Posing with the selection of Rockets and Displays!

Aaron didn’t want to Miss anything so was Johns Shadow for the Night as He prepared to let them off.

A Real Happy Guy! Take a look at the Mortar on the Left of Aaron! This made a Serious Bang when it was Launched!!!

It was a pretty Spectacular Display but unfortunately I was to Busy Drinking and Enjoying the Night to actually take any Photos of them being Launched so sorry about that!!!

Happy New Year to everyone and lets Hope We all have a better Time than the Last 12 Months as there were some Tough Times in that Lot!!!

Cheers Ian.

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