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No Easy Rider!



What interesting Headlines today. Dennis Hopper Died from Cancer. The Easy Rider Star when Talked about is always Referred to His Movies but hardly ever Water World? Although a Failure in the Money Stakes I for one thought He Acted well in it? But He will always be remembered as the Biker in Easy Rider!

BP has again Failed to stop their Massive Oil Spill which Plagues the American Coastline. Do You believe they are doing everything Possible? I don’t and am Sure if they had been Willing to Spend the Money needed quickly to Solve it they would have been finished by now? But Of Course as with all Oil Companies Making Money and Keeping it is their Main Priority, People and Protecting the Environment come at the Very end of the List with everything else in Between!!!

Thailand is slowly moving back to Normal but Unfortunately Nothing at all has been Resolved which caused the Protests in the First Place? Until there are New Election Dates and Legislation in Place to Appease the Red Shirts there is still a Risk of it all Happening again! I think the Red Shirts are Totally Wrong and Misinformed or Misguided and I doubt there will ever be Real Democracy in Thailand? How can there be when most Elections are Corrupted by Vote Buying??? And Let’s not forget that the Red Shirts themselves were Paid Protesters!!! But if Elections will Shut them Up and keep them at Home in their Village so be it lets have them then!!!

Let’s get back to Happy Days!!!

Cheers Ian.

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