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I had an Email quite a while ago from a Friend I had Grown up with when we first left school! Anyway He passes through Bangkok occasionally on His way backwards and forwards to work! And on Monday this Week He made the Special Effort to stop over for a couple of Nights and Came up here to see me! Bloody Good of Him!!!

The Amazing thing is I haven’t seen him for about 30 Years as We had lost contact but on one of My last Trips back to New Zealand I happened to meet His parents at a function so I passed on My Card and told Him to keep in touch so here He Was.

Alan Sanderson! That’s Him on the Right with Myself and another Friend Tuen.

He only had two Nights as He had to get back to NZ to get a Visa to go off to another Job in Russia. We made the most of the limited Time though and had 2 Great Nights of Fun and We spent the Day Showing Him around and managed to go on an Off Road Buggy Trip up around the Hills to the Look Out etc! Top Fun and I was amazed how little He had Changed, The Years have been kind to him!!! So Thanks for Coming Alan and Hope You can make it again soon.

Cheers Ian.

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