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On The Road again!!!



Seems we are back on the Road again to Normality??? Well Here’s Hoping!!! With The Departure of Rent-A-Crowd and the Airport Running again we may even Get some More Tourists Back?
The Democrat Party is Finally going to get another Look in at the Government and I am Hoping this will be Good News For Thailand. They are Forming a Coalition with Abhisit Vejjajiva as their Prime Minister!!! This Guys is Young, Good Looking, and Well educated so may well Bring a Breath of Fresh Air to Thai Politics. I have always thought this Guy was Good and He is one of the Few who has never Been in any Scandal or Implicated for Corruption so let’s Hope He manages to Stay like this and Keep the Rent-A-Crowd Idiots back Home on their Plantations!!!
Good News for My Cousins as well they are Finally Going Home this Thursday exactly 2 Weeks after their Scheduled Flight but better late than Never they Say?

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