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P.A.D. “People’s Alliance for Dickheads” have Proven Themselves Yet again to be a Bunch of Lowlife Shitheads Who’s Main Goal is to Ruin what little Chance Thailand has of Riding out the World Economic Downturn!!! By Blockading Suvarnabhumi International Airport it could well Bring Thailand to a Complete Standstill Commercially and Halting all Tourism & Trade for the Immediate Future. The Airport with a Name that 99% of People can’t even Pronounce let alone Spell is Yet again at the Center of another International Media Grabbing Event. One Has to Wonder How such a large Bunch of Scum were allowed or Managed to Enter the Airport Unchallenged??? For Someone from another Country watching the Propaganda News Channels it may appear these People are a Legitimate Organisation with a Genuine Concern about Thailand’s Future, Well That is WRONG!!! For Others Who have Lived or had Dealings here or in Asia the Truth would be Much Clearer.
Their Intention is to Cause as much Disruption as Possible and They are Being Paid for it!!! No one here does anything for Nothing Trust Me so the Question Posed is, Who is Financing this Outfit and What is to be Gained??? Unfortunately i can’t answer that but it is Ironic they call themselves “People’s Alliance for Democracy” as that is the One Thing they are ensuring never Happens in Thailand!!! The Majority Voted for this Government and Yet the Minority of P.A.D are Trying to Destroy it??? The Fall out from this will be Long and Far reaching in one way or another affecting everyone in Thailand unless resolved Quickly.
My Cousins are Due to Fly Home tomorrow but after a Call to Thai Airlines we now have to revue the Situation on a Daily Basis!!! Their Tickets are now Out the Window as Not forgetting the thousands of People who have already Lost their Flights I was Told they may have to Wait till the Backlog is shifted so everyday goes By is another day they will have to wait!!! Lovely!!! Good thing is we are in Chiang Mai and there are a lot Worse Places to be Stranded!!!
Guaranteed though is once the Backlog has been Flown Home the Airport will be a Very Quiet Place with Little Traffic especially in the Arrivals Hall!!! I just Hope we can Survive at the X-Centre as we Have Invested Our Entire Lives and Finances into it and have Nothing or Nowhere else to Go!!! But in the Words of the Famous Australian “Ned Kelly” Spoken just before He was Hanged: “Such is Life”
Have a Nice Day.
Cheers Ian.

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  1. Phil

    November 27, 2008 at 6:08 am

    As I’m due to go there in 5 weeks time I’ve been paying a lot of attention today to whats happening at the airport. We’ve been treated to the usual crap reporting here in the UK from the BBC and others who show loads video of people stuck at the airport saying what a bad time they are having and they won’t come to Thailand again etc but very little real information such as what these protesters are really up to and whats likely to happen next etc. There was a lot of time on one broadcast devoted to a mob beating a couple of motorcycles to death (yes motorcyles)- all good stuff to scare the tourists away. Their sensation-slanted reporting would be laughable if it didn’t have such an impact on people’s lives.

    Anyway, interesting to hear you say you believe the agitators are being paid as thats the conclusion I came to when thinking about it. Who in the world could benefit from this move other than the political enemies of the Prime Minister ? The PM will probably have to resign it seems seeing as the army will not back him up and remove the buggers but as you say thats not democracy and is the same in effect as a military coup. The western media should do a proper job and dig down to expose these people and make it clear that they do not represent the people of Thailand. But, never let the truth get in the way of a story that makes money seems to be the rule these days.

    To anyone else interested in a better rundown of whats really happening there I found Thailand’s english language business paper The Nation to be the best source http://www.nationmultimedia.com/ .


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