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Pay Day!!!



Well word on the Street is Pay Day for the Protesters is 2000 Baht appearance Fee and 1000 Baht for everyday they are there but they have to Stay till the End to get Paid, When ever that is??? Top Dollar for a Bunch of Rice Farmers eh!!! Trouble is These Few Rent-A-Crowd Idiots are the only ones Making Money and are Ruining the Life, Jobs and Businesses of Millions of People!!!
One Has to Ask How a Huge Crowd all dressed in Yellow can Walk straight up to an International Airport Unnoticed and Unopposed then Take it over??? I have also been Told everything in the Airport has been Looted as the Staff all Fled so expect to See Lots of Rice Farmers Wearing Rolex & Tag Heuer Watches and Ray Ban Sun Glasses next Rice Season!!! I can Just Imagine.
Sure Doesn’t sound like anything is being Resolved soon either???
I have been to Thai Airlines Office today with My Cousins to try and get them Home and They were Told Friday they can be Flown Out from Utapao near Pattaya ( The Old Vietnam era US Airbase ) Trouble is they have to take a Bus from Here with all the other Stranded Passengers! We decided to arrange our own Van for the Speed and Comfort as it is near 1000 kms. Bear in mind Friday is 8 Days Later than their Scheduled Departure!!!
Oh also the Government has Offered 2000 Baht Per Day Per Person to Stranded Tourists. Catch is You Have to Apply at the Government Building in Bangkok and fill in all the Paper Work then Wait to have it Approved, Yeah Right there will be Thousands extending their Already Delayed Flights so they can put in a Claim for a Possible Payment!!!
Spend the Money on getting the Arseholes Out of the Airports i Say!!! Our Business is now down to a Trickle of Customers straggling in before they get their Cue Number for a Rescue Flight so another Week we should all be Living in a Ghost Town!!! Pity i never had enough Money to Just Pay the Staff and I could Go on Holiday myself as this is the Best Opportunity you will ever Have for a High Season Destination all to Yourself!!! Unfortunately I don’t have the Resources so it will be a Very Hard next few Months. Good Luck to everyone with a Business here and if You are a Tourist Grab a Ticket here as soon as the Airports re-open as it will be a Cheap Deserted Paradise!!! All the Best.
Cheers Ian.

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