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Last week Myself & Long Flew from here in  Chiang Mai down to Phuket on the  daily Thai Airlines Direct Flight for a quick 3 Night Visit. Two Reasons one was to check up on the Phuket Jungle Bungy: www.phuketbungy.com . The other was to Catch up with Helen and Ian Anderson. I have known these two Legends since I was in My early 20’s when My Mate Steven Carter started Dating their Daughter Tracey. Here we are upon arrival at Our Hotel “Duangjitt Resort and Spa” and Straight into the Pool for a Swim and a Beer of Course.

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 008 (Small)

As it turned Out this was the Best Weather We had as it Rained every day for the remainder of Our Visit so Glad we had the Swim when we did!!! Despite this we managed to get most things done we had to and of course the Ladies managed to Blitz the Big Central Festival Shopping Mall in Phuket! We also checked out Jungceylon the New Mall in Patong Beach one Night for Dinner.

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 034 (Small)

On the Final Day of Our Visit we had another Staff Meeting at the Bungy then afternoon we left the Ladies to enjoy some treatment at the Resorts Spa!

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 042 (Small)

Ian and Myself went down to the Local Bar Scene in Bangla Road and meet up with the German Boys from Munich who were still there on Holiday after visiting Us in Chiang Mai a few weeks earlier!

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 046 (Small)

Their Trip comes to an End this week and as it was Our Last Night we meet up with them again in the Evening and against Our well laid Plans it developed into a Major, so much for an Early Night!!!

Long and the Boys!

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 049 (Small)

Someone had these Crazy Elton John Style Glasses?

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 051 (Small)

Ian tried them for Size and Immediately attracted some attention!!!

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 052 (Small)

Elton, Helen & their New Friend?

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 054 (Small)

After a Fun Night of Clean Fun it was Time to get a Limo Home!!!

Phuket Trip, Helen & Ian.. 056 (Small)

Next Morning it was up early and off to the Airport for the Flights home which are a Complicated affair as there are No Direct Flights back??? So we have to go from Phuket change Planes in Bangkok then on to Chiang Mai? This takes up 8 Hours of Your Day versus the 2 Hour direct flight down??? The Good News is that starting Next Month Air Asia is starting a Direct Flight Service with New Planes from Chiang Mai to Phuket Return so no doubt they will have a Healthy Monopoly!!! Anyway it was a Great Trip and Fantastic to Catch up with Helen and Ian, Still in Great Shape and Going Strong!!! We have Plans on catch up very soon on a Regular Basis so till then, Have a Great Day!!!

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Pauline Rauner

    September 17, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Great to see you had a fantastic time with Helen and Ian and a good catch up, yes it would have been a while since you would have seen them and with the experiences we have had you and Long would have given them lots of laughs and they will return with some amazing stories i am sure we will get to hear some ,good on you Ian and Long you are the “BEST”.

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