Population Growth Dangers!



Here is a fantastic Article on the Crusade by Famous Aussie Dick Smith to Limit Population Growth!

I think He is nearly Spot on! Only a couple of things I disagree with! He is against Controlling the Population. He said two Kids per Couple but it has to be Voluntary? I believe it has to be an Enforced Law!!! The reason is, Normal People I.e. Us, will Limit ourselves to 2, The other Dumb Fanatic Religious Zealots  ( Who We can’t Criticize for fear of being Be-Headed!!! ) and all the other Uneducated & Ignorant People waiting for handouts from the UN or any other Bleeding Hearts and Human Rights Groups will Breed like Rabbits and Take over Control of Society eventually anyway so either way We are Doomed? Control is the Only way! I had the Same Argument with a Good Friend on my Last Visit back to New Zealand! He said he would like to see NZ Population Double???  Nothing but Trouble comes from uncontrolled Growth!!! Only the Mega Richy want uncontrolled Growth, The rest of Us want Peace and a Good Life! I wish they could see the Light??? Or the Darkness that follows all this Growth???Anyway here is the Full Article, take a Look and have a Good think about it?:


Interesting Reading!
Cheers Ian.

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