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I see the Rent-A-Riot Crowd are Still Controlling the Airports in Bangkok. Word is Don Mueang Airport will be Freed First followed by Suvarnabhumi the following Day but we will wait and See if it actually happens??? Somchai the Prime Minister is Just down the Road from us here, Staying in His Green Valley Home, so a bit more of a Security Presence around. My Stranded Cousins were woken up with a Fright at 6am this morning when the Thai Army decided to have Artillery and Machine Gun Practise!!! The Camp is only a few kms away so was Bloody Loud. Of Course we are used to it but My Cousins thought they were under attack so We all got a good Laugh about it over Breakfast!!!
I did have some Interesting Conversations Yesterday with Friends and a few Things came to Light. One was Have you ever Noticed How any Major Protest or Political Action in Thailand takes Place the Same Time of Year??? The Reason is The End of the Monsoon Season which is the End of the Rice Harvest so all the Villagers have Nothing to do till Next Season so with the Simple Offer of Free Food, Drink, Transport and a some Baht being Paid You have the Instant “Rent-A-Riot” Crowd. They aren’t concerned about the reason they Just like the Adventure. Don’t Forget these are Extremely Simple People! I actually Witnessed these Villagers being Transported through Kanchanaburi just over a Week ago in a Huge Convoy of Pick Ups. Their Protests usually start with a Party Atmosphere!!! If things don’t go the Way the Organisers want or they Don’t get the Results needed that is when things Turn Nasty, In goes some Hired Thugs to Warm things up with some Shooting or a Bomb or whatever, Once the Crowd is at the Required Frenzy the Thugs slip away and the Blame is Placed on whoever is trying to be Discredited. It Really is a No Win Situation for Thailand!!!
The Pressures has been eased somewhat here Due to The Massive Terror Attacks in India which has given the Twisted Media something else to Focus on and Relegating a Bunch of Villagers overrunning an Airport to Back Page News. Hopefully this will be Resolved over the Weekend and the Rent-A-Riot Crowd can all head back to their Villages and spend their latest Payment on Lao Kao ( White Rice Whiskey ) and hang out till needed again???
Then they can start the Clean up and as another Friend Pointed out “I bet they Wish they had Built More Toilets at Suvarnabhumi now”!!!
Have a Great day.
Cheers Ian.

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