Reverse Racism!!!



Being a New Zealander by Birth I was deeply Disturbed to Read about the Following Happenings going on at Home. Maori have been Trying to lay Claim to everything and anything the Government is Stupid enough to Give them for quite some Time but this latest attempt is going overboard and I am Stumped as to How it was even taken Seriously by anyone in the Government or Public and Why it has been allowed to go this far?

Ever Person Born in New Zealand should be Considered Equal and have Equal Rights and Opportunities regardless of Colour or Race. Maori should be given No More Rights than they already have which is Considerably More than any other New Zealand Citizen! This is a Good way to Promote Racism in New Zealand, What are they Thinking of, Turning New Zealand into another Disaster like Zimbabwe???

Here is the Bill they are trying to Pass and what I am Talking about, Take a Look!!!


It’s a Dog’s Breakfast!

That’s why New Zealand needs YOU to make a submission
on the Marine and Coastal Bill – before 19 November

Before the end of summer, the National & Maori Parties plan to take the Foreshore & Seabed out of Crown ownership so corporate iwi can get control & title. There’ll be 3 levels of Maori rights over beaches, estuaries, harbours, air, sea & wealth for 22 kms out.
Why is the Bill a problem to you?

l  It’s vague & open-ended, so means anything Maori want it to mean.

l  Iwi don’t need to be coastal to get control; the criteria are extremely flexible, thresholds low.

l  Maori can negotiate backroom deals with a Minister; no rigorous court process, no parliamentary or public scrutiny of deals worth billions.

l  National is considering free public use of beaches & sea (but Maori Party is still fighting that).

Wahi tapu rights mean people can be banned (for any historic or mythical reason) & fined $5,000.

l  We won’t be equal before the law; iwi can commercialise, develop & mine without consents; they can dictate to Councils & Government.

l  Maori have rights of veto over coastal businesses – payoffs may be needed to get approvals.

l  Maori can transfer or delegate these rights & powers to whomever.

l  Public funds will suffer as government privatises $billions in coastal assets & revenues for iwi.

l  Disruption and arguments will be commonplace and costly to the taxpayer.

l  Maori Party says it’s not full and final: they want the whole 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone.

l  Once passed, it’ll be impossible to undo. It will be forever.

There’s no public mandate for this. No right of appeal for anyone affected or fined.

You can help save the Coast for future generations!

If you believe the coast is our common heritage & should be retained in Crown ownership for the economic benefit & lifestyle of all New Zealanders, then:

Your one and only chance is to Make Your Concerns HEARD!
Please put in a submission before 19 November 2010:
1.    By mail: send 2 copies (no stamp required) to:

The Secretariat, Maori Affairs Select Committee, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

2.    Online at Parliament’s Select Committee website (Click here>>> )

For more information and advice, please visit: www.CoastalCoalition.co.nz

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