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Been an Interesting week for me Concerning Rides!!! First one of My Staff Jumped in Our Big Van and Proceeded to Side Swipe Our Accountants Car,  Interesting Considering He isn’t a Driver, shouldn’t have been in it and all this happened in Our Car Park!!! I felt like a Ride and the Opportunity came up for a Trip to Laos with a couple of Friends so off I went and it was one of the Best Times i have had, Full of Laughs and Good Times! ( Trip Report to come soon )!

While i was away another of Our Staff managed to Get in an Accident with Our remaining Van when a Motorcycle Rammed the Drivers Door so Both ended up in the Panel beaters shop in the space of a Week!!! Lovely!!!

Back in Chiang Mai in time for Christmas My Mate Kiwi John turned up early after the Rig He was working on off the Coast of Australia got Hit by a Cyclone and they all had to be Evacuated so I thought why not get Him out on the Bikes? A group of us had planned a Boxing Day Ride from Town so we meet up as planned and Off we went. About 12 Bikes in all, 5 minutes into the Ride it started to rain which is Extremely Rare this time of Year here, Global Warming???


Anyway it continued for the Entire Day so Our Lovely Ride turned into 250kms of Cold Wet Miserable Suffering!!! And the Road was very Slippery which managed to provide us with some Laughs as i witnessed John doing a Speedway style slide around a bend showing He hasn’t Lost any Skills from His Racing Days!!! Afterwards we all stopped at the X-Centre for some Celebratory Drinks Happy to have Survived such a Treacherous Ride.

Life is all about the Ride,  It’s the Journey not the Destination right as we all end up in the same Place anyway???

Cheers Ian.

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