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Sad State!!!



What a Sad State of Affairs Thailand has become!!! It started Out as a Protest by Low Class People who have nothing better to do being Financially Backed By the Billionaire Former Prime Minister! It has slowly progressed into a near State of Anarchy!!! So Many Questions need to be answered but First they Need to Finish this Ridiculous Stalemate in Bangkok!!! How could they Possibly Call it a Fight for Democracy??? One Has to Ask How were these Trouble Makers allowed to Truck in Supplies and Materials¬† to erect Barriers in the Center of Bangkok? Why didn’t the Police or Army Stop them from Day one? Now they are Burning Buildings, Looting Businesses etc etc and lets not even think of the Innocent People Who have had their Businesses Ruined because of it? Who is going to Cover the Cost of This? Insurance, I Doubt it? Government? Definitely Not the People Who did it all, They will Just return back to their Village in “Nakon Nowhere” and Lay in their Hammocks drinking Cheap Liquor waiting for Someone else to Pay them to cause Trouble!!! Pity the International Media can’t Show the World the True Situation here. They only report the Worst things that Happen which will Bring them the Biggest Viewer Ratings!!!¬† The Truth is Very Complex and has been going on for a Very Long Time!!! Power, Money, Corruption, Education or the Lack of it are all Major Players!!!

I feel Sorry for All the People Who will have their Businesses or Professions Ruined or Severely affected by this and no matter what Action the Government, Army & Police take it will never Be Justified by the Media Opinion!!! Let Me Ask You if someone Shoots at You, Would You Shoot Back??? This is what they are Faced with! I can’t See the Difference between a Terrorist, Common Thief or the Protesters. The Object of All is to either Physically Hurt You, Your Business or Steal Your Possessions and / or Money! Hence We are in a “Sad State”

Let’s hope they finish it once and for all soon so the Good People in Thailand can get back to Normal. By the way if You had Plans of Coming to Thailand Please still come, Just don’t stay in the Areas of Bangkok that are Affected! The Rest of Thailand is Operating as Normal and the People would Love to have Your Business.

All the Best.

Cheers Ian.


  1. shannon

    May 19, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    thai’s with their fucked up saving face the truth never fully comes out . way to go for your article

    yes as a 7 year resident of thailand when shit goes on here the foreign media and governments just don’t understand thai politics. and people getting paid (about double what their children bust thier ass off for in a factory) to protest for an angry ousted billionair would change alot of farangs opinion

    and from the beginning of the red have been prone to violence even before they where the red shirts and the yellows were doing their peaceful protests getting bombared by granades nightly by supporters of the then red lead government or the crackdown by police to disperse the yellow protesters where several people died who took responsibility for that

    and now the reds are burning and looting causing major damages out of control attacking army and police forces. they are a hostle force that needs to be taken care of

    and thaksin wants to go on international press and cry about human rights. what about the 3000 he had the army kill in the mountains with out a trial for his war on drugs.

    and his hardline policies with the insurgency in the south that has left in the nieborhood of 4000 dead.

    and how thaksin is really trying to pry the last bit of power from the monarchy before the king dies. lets just hope that thaksin succomes to his illness before the king passes

    and let all thai’s remember that it is their king that they love not some billionair looking out for his own interests

    and yes thailand is still a safe place to be and travel if your not a stupid cow that wants to go to down town BKK and see the circus

  2. Shaun

    October 4, 2010 at 1:33 am

    Okay a few months has passed now, and the greatest threats are nearly diminished. Time to look at an oh so useless personal overview.

    Yes, Shinawatra was CORRUPT, Shinawatra was GREEDY, Shinawatra was above all a BURDEN TO HIS NATION.

    Although, I don’t believe that all the red shirts got together just for the few hundred baht they got for showing up. He did help the country to become a more comfortable place, especially Chiang Mai (Roads, Legal systems, etc.) Which could also be called an act of his own greed because CM is his home town.

    In saying that though, he did some really stupid things, such as Shannon said on his war on drugs.
    I believe though, the biggest problem would be how much he affected tourism and business in the entire country. I have been here a little over a year, and the red shirts came into being about half way through. When I came here, every 1/5 people I walked past downtown was a foreigner. Now there’s half the people, and probably 1/50 are foreigners! Thailand is world renowned for being the “Land of smiles”; I’m not seeing many smiles these days (Unless someone wants a piece of your wallet haha, so very wrong).
    With business, I have friends that own small shops, acquainted with some owners of the bigger names in CM nightlife, they ALL have brought up somewhere along the lines that they’ve really been feeling a pinch (Or in one case gone bankrupt!) lately because:
    1: Not many knowing tourists want to come into what was the heart of the red shirt rebellion and go nuts with money.
    2: Not many locals have much money & time to spend because of some of the things Shinawatra caused.
    3: On the extreme case, the shop was robbed when said person was already in financial trouble.

    In the end of the day Shinawatra did some very WRONG things. If it’s power he’s been seeking, he’s taking not just the wrong path in doing so, he’s dragging an entire country into his failure.

    All the best to people taking the time to read this article (Don’t see this subject come up very often in public, typically)


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