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Samsung S***4



My Super Duper Samsung S4 Smart Phone turned into an Idiot last night when I went to charge it and this Morning it was Completely Dead! So I took it to the Service Centre and No problem they will Re-Boot it, charge it up for Me and I can collect it in a Couple of Hours, Great! We left Long’s Number if they needed to contact Us in the meantime!

So I allowed 3 Hours ( Thai Time) and went back to collect it. After Queuing for some Time they buggered Us around till We ended up at the Desk where I said I wanted to go in the first Place!!! The Guy now said they haven’t been able to Fix it and need a few Days to find out what is wrong then Fix it? But No Problem it is Covered under Warranty! Well thanks a Bloody Lot!!! They could have called and told Us so I could have brought a Cheap Phone in the mean time!

So now I still have No Phone! Not very good from a Company Who just Posted a Record Profit for the last 3 Months something like $7 Billion!!! You think the Cheap Pr**ks could have just given Me a Replacement!!! Seen it is Their Flagship Top Model S4 they should just replace any Phone if  it has a Problem which is not any fault of the Owner! Their Business and Sales May be Great but their Customer Service STINKS!!!

Cheers Ian.



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