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Simon Grant and John Hamilton Memorial Ride.



Our Mate “TJ” ( Topical John ) Real Name John Hamilton Sadly Passed away from a Brain Tumour in October 2008. Since that Time We have been planning a Memorial Ride for Him and one of the Main Advocates for it was His Good Mate Simon!!! Tragically “Siinthai” Real Name Simon Grant was Killed in a Freak still Unexplained Accident near His Home in Phuket this October. Unbelievable that two Close Friends were gone a Year apart!!! This put more pressure for the Memorial Ride to be Held so Last Week everything fell into Place and a Group of about 20 Bikes ended up doing an Overnight Trip from Here in Chiang Mai up to Doi Inthanon, the Highest Point in Thailand then stayed the Night in Mae Hong Son. Next Day We planted a couple of Trees in their Name at the Local Temple before moving on to Pai for Lunch then back to the X-Centre for a few Final Farewell Drinks in the Name of Simon & TJ. By doing this We had completed the near 500km Trip around the Famous “Mae Hong Son Loop”. This was a favorite Ride for Both the Guys and one of the Last they completed together!!!  We had a Full Size Banner of the two Guys to accompany Us and also Stickers to post around!!! Here is My quick Trip Report and a few Photos:

It was a Brilliant Trip and one of the Best I have had with such a Large Group. Extremely Moving moment at the Highest Point when a few Words were had about TJ and Simon. I was maybe a bit Closer to these Guys that some people realise and I was Immensely affected and was Fighting back a Flood of Tears.  I couldn’t have spoken even if asked!!! Thanks to all who took Part! Here are the Photos:

Simon & TJ watching over the arrivals at the Kafe.

Simon & TJ Watching!!!

Guys at the Kafe.

The Kafe, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Waiting at the Turnoff to Doi Inthanon for other Riders.

Turn off to Doi Inthanon.

Doi Inthanon Checkpoint. David did some Good Organising here to save Time and Paid for the Entire Group at Thai Prices, Well Done!!!

Checkpoint, Doi Inthanon, Thailand.

Group Shot at the Highest Point in Thailand, Doi Inthanon.

Highest Point in Thailand, Doi Inthanon. Group Shot.

We Pasted Simon & TJ’s Sticker on the Sign so if You are up there take a Look and have a Word for them!!!

Sticker Tribute.

After Lunch in Mae Chaem we were off for a fast ride to Khun Yuam and split up into various groups stopping here and there for a look.

Stopped, Mae Chaem to Khun Yuam.

We stopped to Re-Grouped before we got to Khun Yuam.

Regrouping befor Khun Yuam.

It was here we found out about Peters off and His Rib Injuries!!! His Bike wasn’t that Bad. He is 68 Years Old and Had a Can of Puncture Repair in His Jacket which He landed on, Ouch!!! He was in a lot of Pain so After He had ridden the Rest of the way to Mae Hong Son we had Him Checked in the Hospital and it Turned out He had 6 Cracked Ribs and Had to Stay in there!!! His Bike.

Peter's Bike Damage.

Off again to Mae Hong Son. Some went with Peter to the Hospital while the rest checked into Rooms then Meet up for a Few Deserved Beers and a few Toasts to Simon & TJ!!Beer O'Clock in Mae Hong Son!!!

Evening into the Cross Roads Bar where Noel & David had a Toast to the Guys!!!

Noel & David's Toast. Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

It was a pretty Big Night for some of the Guys and in the Morning We all meet at the Sunflower Cafe for Breakfast.

SunFlower Cafe, Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

After this we were off to the Temple for Our little Ceremony!!!

Off to the Temple.

Some of the Guys at the Ceremony. Ceremony in the Temple Mae Hong Son, Northern Thailand.

We planted two Trees in Simon and TJ’s Names at the Local Temple. Even had Name Boards.

Simon Grant, John Hamilton. Tribute Name Boards.

After this We visited Peter in Hospital then Off again for a Quick Blast to Soppong, Stopped at the Look out, Beautiful Weather and a Fantastic View!!!

View Point above Soppong, Northern Thailand.

On to Pai for Lunch then a nice Ride back to the X-Centre in Mae Rim.

Chiang Mai X-Centre.

We are an Armless Bunch?


Even David Lek ( The Legendary Snail ) managed to Joined Us for the Entire Trip and a few Drinks on a quick stop over before returning to Australia and Work!!!

David Curtis, aka David Lek, aka "The Snail"

A Truly Great Event and Fitting Tribute to Two Great Guys I was Privileged to have known as well as I did!!!
Cheers Ian


  1. Wendy Wight

    February 5, 2010 at 10:06 am

    I am Simon’s cousin from Australia. What a great tribute. Thanks to everyone who participated.

    I miss my chats with Simon.

    Kind regards


  2. Fiona Mackenzie

    August 7, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    I worked with Simon in the early 90’s at Pinches Alloys in Melbourne, where he worked as the Sales Rep. He moved on to work in Queensland but during his time
    we had many a laugh in the office and he always ce
    in Monday morning after a hard game in rugby on the weekend – and of course loving it! He also wanted to passionately preserve the white rhino and often spoke about the beauty of the African landscape
    and animals. He had a great sense of humour and love of life and it was wonderful to hear that he had a family and as
    a colleague I know that he would have loved his children above all else. If it were possible for
    me to receive contact details of their mother, then I would be most appreciative. Fiona Mackenzie

  3. Ann

    December 14, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    Where are David Lek now ? pls tell me i need to know .

  4. Otto

    December 26, 2010 at 1:05 am

    Thanks a lot for that extremely cool post.

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