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Yesterday was the Last Official Day of Songkran here in Chiang Mai. Songkran is the Thai New Year and Water Festival held every April, It is not something I really Enjoy but We made a bit of an Effort this Year for the Kids to Enjoy and had quite a Party here for a few Days!!! We set up a Tent on the Road Side at the X-Centre Entrance where People could throw the Water on the Pickup loads of People who would dutifully throw Water back!!! A Bizarre Practise and quite amusing on occasions!

Here is Myself and Brian overseeing the Proceedings in Comfort!

A view of Our Tent set up.

The Kids Loved it as did many other Customers and Staff!!! I even had a Go!

It was Fun but Glad it is Over and things can now get back to Normal!!! Now all We need is For the Idiot Red Shirts in Bangkok to Go back to their Villages and All of Thailand can get back to Business as Usual!!!

Cheers Ian.

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