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Ritchie Our Friend and Local Harley Davidson dealer called into the X-Centre late the other afternoon for a Beer and had a few interesting People with Him! Here is a Picture of Us all.

From Left to Right

Shawn Wood, Free Runner.

Ritchie, Harley Davidson Specialist.

Nun Ramita, Thai Model and Singer.

Louis Scott, Thai Actor and Singer.

Ian, Nobody!

Joni Anwar, Thai Singer, Dancer and Actor.

You can do a Google Search and come up with stuff on these Guys but here is a Nice Video of Shawn Wood which may interest those of You who haven’t heard of Free Running?

embedded by Embedded Video

Pretty Spectacular I thought?

I did a quick search of the Girl also and found She was a bit more than She appeared here as well? Very Nice


Anyway just goes to show You never really know who You are talking to as all these People were very unasuming and great to Talk to. A Pleasure to meet!

Cheers Ian.

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