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“Tell me Why I don’t Like Mondays” Another Famous Song from Bob Geldof and the “Boomtown Rats”

Success: Valentino Rossi Scores another Win at the Malaysian Moto GP, Walking away from the rest!!!

Failure: Lewis Hamilton Winning the Chinese F1GP. Bugger!!! Makes It Harder for Massa to Win the Drivers Title in the Last Race but still a chance? At Least the Consolation was Ferrari Coming in 2nd & 3rd which pretty Much Tied Up the Constructors Championship for them!!!

What is Surprising to Me is that Formula 1 Depends entirely on Sponsorship money and Commercial Banks Spend Millions on Teams, Example: “Royal Bank of Scotland” RBS Sponsors the “Williams F1 Team”. “ING” Sponsors the “Renault F1 Team” The Twist to This and I Love it is Both of these Banks Had to be Bailed Out By Governments to the Tune Of Billions of $$$ Which in Turn will eventually have to be Paid for By Who??? You Guessed It, the Tax Payer!!! Which Means whether you like Formula One or not You could well be Indirectly Sponsoring an F1 Team, Well Done!!!

Cheers Ian.

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  1. Wim

    October 20, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    You should not just stick with one team.. just wait until there is a winner and then support that team sooo.. always a winner. but any way ferrari has won a few times now let someother team win.. and i agree i do not like mondays…
    see ya

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