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Sunday Bloody Sunday!!!



The Title has Nothing to do with this Post and No Blood Sorry, I just Liked the Song By U2!!! The Bad thing about Sunday is it is Immediately Followed By Monday!!! When i was Living and Working in Countries of Reality This Used to Really Bug Me, Being a Naturally Lazy Bastard No One had any Idea How It Pissed Me off, Of course by Friday Night all was Well again and we used to get in 2 Nights of Enjoyment before Repeating the Process!!! Now Living over Here in Fantasy Land everyday is a Friday and I get to Drink and Party any Night of the Week i Choose!!! Hell Life is Tuff?

Of Course we still manage to Find things to Complain & Bitch about for Example My ADSL Connection here at the X-Centre. Since June it has been decreasing in Speed and is now down to 1/4 of Original!!! After a Constant Stream of Phone Calls to TOT ( The Suppliers ) and even Changing Telephone Lines etc they decide to admit they have Oversubscribed the Lines, Basically there are too many People using the same System so it has slowed to a Trickle. Answer: Not their Fault i have to Pay for a better Connection? So now i am Paying for the Top Connection available here which is Currently carrying a Maximum of 5 People Per Line, Old Connection was 25 People Per Line!!! This Costs 2700 Baht Per Month!!! I just Wonder how Long till this Too is Over Prescribed??? The Funny thing about all this is we just recently put a Phone Line on in Our House which is Further up the Valley. The Reason we did this was Simple, there was one available so i thought why not we can connect to the Internet there as well!!!

As this was just for Home and Not Business we took the Cheapest Internet connection available which was under 600 Baht, Surprise Surprise this Connection is Faster than the 2700 Baht Connection at the X-Centre!!! This Is Asia and hardly Anything is What you May Expect??? Something Like the X-Files , OOOOHHH. Well today is the Chinese F1 GP and the World Championship may be decided if Hamilton Win’s but I am a Ferrari Fan so Hope Massa Wins!!! At the Same Time it is the Malaysian MotoGP which always makes for Good Viewing but Rossi has already been Crowned World Champion so not so much to watch for.

As always it will be an Entertaining Day, I have already Had an Israeli Family here this Morning wanting to do a Motorcycle Tour, Problem was they Had No Idea How to Ride and Knew hardly anything about Motorcycles for that Matter!!! The Father Asked Me are they Automatic??? Wow. So on a Brighter Note i am going to Watch the race and hope you all have a Great Day, Have a Few Drinks and Don’t Get to Depressed about Tomorrow!!! Friday is on the Way.

Cheers Ian.

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