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Thailand Enduro Cross Championship 2014



Here is a Report from David Unkovich. Long Term Expat, Motorcycle Travel Expert and Map Maker of this Region. A True Legend, Thanks Mate. You can Check out all His Stuff here at: www.GT-Rider.com Enjoy the Fantastic Report and Photos!

Sunday 16th November the final round of the Thailand Enduro Cross championship was held at the new X-Centre Motopark in Mae Rim

It was a brilliant fun day with loads of fun & no dramas at all.

A few pics to tell the story.

The Husqvarna guys
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from Speed Republic in Chonburi
Want to buy a Husqvarna or Triumph these guys are good & speak excellent English

A race start
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a lot more to come

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Getting on the gas…

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Those damn tyres

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& then there was the banked turn
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that caused multiple confusion & spills at times.

The proud ambassador enjoying good times
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The log obstacles right at the finish line

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And the winners

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A brilliant event & well done to the X-Centre for the massive work into whipping the old neglected run down motocross track into proper shape & hosting the race. More will come….yeehar!

Even I, disabled as I was, felt like a winner
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with Pierre Yves Catry, the main race winner on the day.
Pierre is a French-Cambodian, with dual nationality, lives in PP.
A really cool guy, his main forte is downhill mountain bike racing; & event organizing.
Great meeting up with you Pierre & we hope to see you again in Chiang Mai soon.

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Thank you X-Centre Chiang Mai.

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Thanks again to David for the Photos. David had just got out of Hospital after Extensive Treatment for Skin Cancer hence the Patches and Black Eyes but He still managed to make the Effort to Join Us so Well Done Mate! Next Year there will be a Major Enduro Event in Northern Thailand over a Number of Days starting from different Locations where We will again Be one of the Sponsors and Hosts so looking forward to that!

Cheers Ian.

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