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The Bank Job!!!



Last week I was asked to Join in for a Ride to Pai by Asawin. He is a Director of Britbikes here in Thailand who are the Triumph Motorcycle Dealers.  Asawin is one of the Heads of a Major Insurance company which is also Connected to “Kasikorn Bank”, which is also known as “K Bank” and was once Called “Thai Farmers Bank”.  Hence the name of this Post “The Bank Job”!!! Anyway Pai is a Village up in the Hills which used to be a Hideaway or Retreat for Losers, Drug Attics, Hippies and General Lowlife but has now turned into a Popular Bohemian Style Hip Town with its own Image and Identity to Uphold so everything seems to be Made to fit in with this image!!! The Contrast is Quite Amazing to See as the people who visit or Hang Out in Pai are normally made up of two groups, Thai People are from the Top end of  Society, Rich and Famous! where as the Foreign Presence is normally made up of Losers, Derelicts and the standard lowlifes!!!

After that Quick description Getting back to Our Trip. Asawin had to be there for the Official Opening of the New K-Bank Branch so asked Myself and West to Join in for the Ride. We left about 3pm and while the Weather Looked Bad we actually made it all the way without getting Wet!!! At one Point riding along the Ridge Road while it was Raining on Both Sides of Us!!! Just as You come down into Pai there is an Old Bridge from the Second World War so we stopped for a Photo. There must have been More Rain than We saw as the normally slow River was in Full Flow!!!

Second World War Bridge, Pai Northern Thailand.

Here are Our Bikes on the Road Bridge.

Motorcycles near Pai, Northern Thaland.

Asawin seems to be Connected to Everything as His Company also have a Stake in the “Belle Villa Resort” see: http://www.bellevillaresort.com/pai/index.php

So We got to stay there! Nice Place, Thanks Mate!!! Besides Us on Bikes there was a Car Load of His Staff from their Chiang Mai Office who also Joined Us! After settling in we all ventured in to Town for a Meal and a few Drinks. Checked out the New K-Bank as well.

Asawin (second from the Right) With some of His Staff. See what I mean about a different Style in Pai???

Smile Pai by K-Bank

We waited for the Last Shuttle Bus back to Our Hotel at a “Black Canyon Coffee Shop”. At first I thought it was a Thai Copy but it turns out Just another Example of a different Style Unique to Pai. Amazing!!!

Unique Black Canyon Coffee, Pai Northern Thailand.

Next Morning after a Lovely Breakfast had a Ride around Town then Watched the Official Opening Ceremony of the “Smile Pai by K-Bank”!!!

Official Opening of K-Bank Pai Branch.

DSC05132 (Small)

Afternoon we were on the Road again back to the X-Centre. Thanks go to Asawin for Inviting Us and being such a Host, Great Overnight Trip. Great Little Town! Get up there for a Look if You have never been Before!

Cheers Ian.

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