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The Barbecue Run!!!



Real Barbecues are a Rarity here in Thailand, there are lots of Thai Style Grill things but No Real ones Like we are used to In New Zealand or Australia or Multiple other Countries for that Matter? They have opened Barbecue stores in Bangkok and Pattaya but they are Very Expensive Check them out at:  www.bbqthai.com . Just Click on any Barbecue to See the Prices!!! Anyway David Unkovich the “GT-Rider” ( www.GT-Rider.com ) spotted a Genuine Australian Barbecue up in Doi Mae Salong so asked if I was interested? Once I heard the Price that was it lets Go!!! So this week Myself, Kiwi John and David headed off for the Top North! Doi Mae Salong is a Very Quaint Chinese Town in the Mountains of the North near the Infamous Golden Triangle! Quite a Story about it’s History but a quick run down is after the Communist takeover of China remnants of the Non-Communist Chinese Army Fled to Taiwan and ended up in Northern Thailand at the invitation and Backing of the Thai Government and the American CIA. The Reason being to Utilise their Army to Combat the Communist Threat to Thailand and the Rest of South East Asia!!! Obviously in the Hope they would Win and Launch a Counter Attack on Mainland China to Stamp Out the Communist Threat forever!!! There was some Pretty Tough and Bloody Battles fought over the Course of more than 5 Years and they did indeed win a Victory against Communism in Thailand but at such a Cost they could not hope of ever challenging the Mainland or indeed ever leaving Thailand hence Doi Mae Salong became their Home. There is much more to Tell but that’s another Story??? If You ever get up there Check Out,

“The Chinese Martyrs Museum” It is Full of Photos and info on their History and the Battles they Fought.

Barbecue Run. 001 (Small)

We checked it out for a while then it was Time for some Lunch at a Local restaurant.

Barbecue Run. 002 (Small)

Down the Road a little and We collected the Precious Barbecue which after some discussion and trying We finally had it all Loaded in Tied down in an Acceptable Safe Manner. Thanks to Kiwi John!!!

Barbecue Run. 004 (Small)

Then it was off to Chiang Rai for the Evening, Checked into the “Sabai Inn” where We Meet up with Our Friend Rex who had Just Ridden in after a Week Riding around Laos in the rain Season!!! So a few Beers were sacrificed before we departed for a very Fun Night Out around the Town!!!

Up in the Late Morning and Still Raining so a Casual Drive Back to Chiang Mai, We stopped at the Charin Resort for a Drink and one of their famous Cakes. The River was way up as you can see in the Background of this Photo!

Barbecue Run. 005 (Small)

From here we had a Amazingly Entertaining Drive following possibly some of the Worst Drivers I have ever Seen in Thailand. Incredible Blind Overtaking on Corners etc etc Yet No Accidents, Amazing??? Finally back at the X-Centre Myself and John cleaned up the Barbecue, Checked everything and Tested it, all Good so a Top Buy!!!

Long with it safely at the Restaurant!!!

Barbecue Run. 008 (Small)

We Plan to have Our First Proper Barbecue Party Tomorrow so will keep You Posted!!!

Cheers Ian.


  1. Phil

    September 18, 2009 at 6:24 pm

    That’s a pretty full-on barby you have there. Wonder who dragged that up into the middle of nowhere.

    Wish I was there to help you christen it with an inch thick t-bone washed down with some lovely frothy cold ones.

    Good post ! I never heard any of that before. Makes me realise how little we were taught at school about SE Asian history which is a shame because its a hell of a lot more interesting than what we were taught in NZ. (I seem to remember goldmining, frozen meat shipments and maybe a bit on ww2)

    cheers & enjoy the barbeque

  2. David GTR Unkovich

    September 18, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Good to see you quick off the mark with your trip report. I’m pleased you liked your visit to the Chinese Martyrs Museum – it’s an interesting & alternative view of history.

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