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The Big Guys Visit!!!



Our Children Go to Prem Tinsulanonda International  School see: www.premcenter.org here in Chiang Mai.  Our Son Aaron is in K2 which is Run By Candy Kelly a fellow New Zealander and a Great Lady. She asked if She could Bring Her Class for a Visit to Our Chiang Mai X-Centre so the Kids could Learn about Tools and How things Work etc. Excellent Idea so this Tuesday they all Turned up and this is what we did, The BIG GUYS Visit!!!

First They Watched a Bungy Jump!  


Then they all checked Out Our Equipment, Winch and How the Bungy Worked!!!


After the Bungy They checked Out the Go-Karts then all had a Go at the Paintball Target Shooting!


Then it was on to the Workshop to Check out the Place and All the Tools!


They all Checked out the Pink Buggy!


Our Staff Tor showed them How to change a Wheel with the Air Gun!


Then Showed them How the Hydraulic Jack Worked!


Then I showed them the Water Blaster for Cleaning the Dirty Buggys!


Time for Lunch!


Followed by some Ice Cream!!!


Time Flies and We had done so Much it was Time for the BIG GUYS to head back to the School for Some Discussion on What they Learned from their Visit to X-Centre??? Great having them here and Probably as Enjoyable for all of Us as it was for them and a Real Break from Our Normal Day.

Cheers Ian.

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