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The Ice Truck Cometh!!!



What a Week!!! Had a Friend Visit the other Morning and Parked His Motorcycle in the Marked Bike Parking Lanes and We are having a Chat and Hear “CRASH”. Run out and the Local Pick up who delivers Ice to Our Bar every Morning Had Backed straight into My Mates Motorcycle Knocking it over and Causing Obvious Damage!!! What Surprised Us is the Amount of Room He could have used instead of Veering into the Parking Spots and  Crushing the Bike??? All Was revealed When the Driver Comes Out Still Talking on His Mobile Phone Laughing in a Nonchalant Way!!! I was Not a Happy Camper so Used My Fine Vocabulary Skills to give the A-Hole a Stripping down which had the added benefit of Calming the Distraught Bike Owner!!! Anyway the Result is as the Local Thai Guy undoubtedly has No Money (Or none He would Give to a Foreigner, And the Prick May well Be Eating My Rabbits for Dinner!!!) I offered to Pay for all the Damage! So another Bike in the Shop and Unexpected Costs for the X-Centre!!! That Said we have become quite a Stopping Point for Bikers so only Fair We Take Care of Our Own. Hope It Never Happens again!!! I Bet the Delivery Guy will never Use His Phone Here again!!! Have a Great Day.

Cheers Ian.

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