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Tiger Justice!!!



I see on the BBC News tonight they are Very Concerned about Tiger Attacks in Sumatra, Indonesia!!! Seems there have been 8 People Killed in the Last 8 Weeks!!! The Point is they are all Illegal Loggers!!! Now what would that tell You??? Encroaching on the Tigers Natural Habitat maybe and I suggest Justice Served? It Might Pay to Release More into the Wild if there is a Chance they can bring a Halt to Illegal Logging World Wide. For those like Myself Who have witnessed it First Hand It is a Horrible Disgusting Waste!!! I have seen the Results in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Laos. Vast Areas left as a Waste Land, In Today’s World there is No Reason for Logging as there are Products available that can replace everything Wood is Used for!!! Anyone Flying into Singapore over Malaysia can See the Thousands of Acres of Land De-Forested to make way for the Curse of Palm Oil Production used in that Crap Gasohol Bio-Fuel!!! Unfortunately the World Has More Problems than they know what to do with so the Few Poor Tigers actually Left in the Wild won’t Rate a second thought to the Money Hungry A-Holes who actually Control the Worlds Economy! You can Listen to the Puppets like Obama all You like but in Reality He is just a Token Mouth piece for the Real Power People. The Greenies, Human Rights, Animal Rights etc etc can also blabber on all they Like to Deaf Ears. The Only thing that may actually get some attention is Action and Unfortunately for the Tiger this may Lead to their Extinction in the Wilds of Asia!!! I Pray i am Wrong and they can Win this War but they are up against a Enormous Enemy, Mankind!!! Score the First Battle to the Tigers though!!!

Cheers Ian.

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