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I have had a busy few weeks so missed the Blog, will catch up over the following Days!

A few weeks back we had a Special Day here in Mae Rim at a Local School only a few kilometres from Our Chiang Mai X-Centre. The School is Extremely Poor and all the Kids are Young and from Poor Local Families! Long had been giving some Support to them already and as We are one of the Sponsors of the Chiang Mai Toy Ride here We decided to ask the Committee if they would be Interesting in lending a Hand? So we all Meet up one Day and went around for a Look and it was decided that their most Urgent Need was New Toilets for the Kids as the Old ones we falling down around them!!! So after they were  Completed we had a morning Hand over Ceremony so the Toy Ride Committee could take a look at their Handy Work! Turned into a Fun time with Presents being handed out and Games Played, Ice Cream etc. Kids all Loved it!!! A Couple of Photos of the Day:

Some of the Bikes at the School.

Toy Ride School. 004 (Small)

Some Toy Ride Committee Members handing out Presents to the Kids.

Toy Ride School. 009 (Small)

We even received an Award from the Local Authorities ourselves for helping the Community!!!

recovered_1038303 (Small)

Here is a Photo of the New Toilet Block Constructed with Funds Donated to the Annual Toy Ride, Well Done Guys!!! In the Back Ground You can see the Old Toilets in a Dilapidated State of Collapse!!!

Toy Ride School. 002 (Small)

You can see another report on the Day here:


And another report and Lots of Photos here:


Have a Great Day!!!

Cheers Ian.

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