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Triumph Weekend.



Last Weekend we had a Group of the English Managers from The Triumph Motorcycle Factory in Thailand up here in Chiang Mai for Some Motorcycle Action of a Different Kind!!! They had Booked for 2 days of Action so Mark Rossi our resident Motorcycle Expert had arranged a Fantastic Weekend of On and Off Road Riding for them. Started out Saturday with everyone meeting Here at the X-Centre for Breakfast! Had a Line of the Green Machines again. Kawasaki KLX250.


All the Triumph Guys ready to Go.


Working at the Triumph Factory back in the UK these Guys are entitled to 25% Discount off the List Price of their Bikes so Great Deal, Unfortunately this Doesn’t apply in Thailand so they don’t even Have Bikes here!!! Living in Bangkok and Working in Chonburi doesn’t really Supply them with the Best Riding Conditions or Environment either so coming up here to Chiang Mai was a Welcome break and a Lot of Fun to be out on the Bikes again, even though they are Kawasaki!!!

Here they are together with Mark and His Thai Guide Lek.


I joined in on their Ride for the Day so we were off to Samoeng then did a couple of Loops back around the local Areas. Gave them the chance to experience Off-Road Riding as well which was the First Time for some of the Guys.


Went through some other Jungle Trails and by the afternoon had wound our way back to the Motocross Track near Our X-Centre. Here Mark gave the Guys some Simple Pointers on the Basics of Off Road Riding before letting them loose for a Bash at the Track! Unfortunately the Track Staff had been a little Over Enthusiastic with the Water Hose before hand so there was some Really Wet Slippery sections which caused some thrills and Spills!!!


After a brief wait the Sun Dried the Track out to a More manageable level and Guys were Ready to race!!!


They even Managed to do Quite Well i thought even providing me with entertaining Unusual Styles of Jumping? Most were good though!


On Saturday Night we all meet up for a few Drinks in Town and a Fun Time. Sunday they were back out with Mark but i couldn’t join them due to other things happening. They Enjoyed themselves that much they are Planning another Trip again in a month or so. Great Stuff.

Cheers Ian.

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