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Running a Business which has a Lot of Attractions requiring Petrol it is quite important to us what is happening in the World regarding the Supply and Cost of Oil? Interesting to Read the Other day that the Peak of Oil New Finds was way back in 1960!!! Which means the easy to Find and get Oil was up to this Date and everything since then has been Progressively getting Harder to Find and get out which by definition means More Expensive? Together with this the Demand for Oil has been Continuously Increasing every Year!!! I would love to See an Alternative to Oil but i still think we are a Way off from? Electric Car’s are no good yet and as Arnold (The Terminator ) Puts it: ” If they could make an Electric Engine which Sounds like a Real Engine then they would Sell them ”  Who wants a Whisper Quiet Poofter Car? We Want Car’s that Sound like a V8 !!!

An Alternative could Probably be Found much Faster if there was a Real Urgency to Find it? If America spent 1/2 as much Money on this Research as they Do on Wars in Afghanistan and Iraqi they could probably find something Pretty Quick??? Much like they Did during WW2 with the Manhattan Project where they Collected the Best Scientists available at the Time ( Some of them German ) Put them in the Desert and Told them to Make a Nuclear Bomb!!! Well that Worked didn’t it!!! Then once Released of the Chains of Foreign Oil They could Pull out of all these Conflict Zones and Tell them to Kiss Our Oil Free Butts!!!

Here is a section of Email from a Friend in Indonesia which explains some of the Drama’s of the Future Higher Demand Yet decreasing Supply of Oil!!!

Bloody hell! $60 oil ?!?!

Well, if you look at oil’s price history, it does swing wildly up and
down; if there was some oversupply and a recession at the same time,
maybe prices could swing wildly down. They have done so may times in
the past.

Some forecasts say that when Qatar’s LNG reaches the market, we will
face a big LNG glut too.

But any glut should only be for a while, because the relentless logic
of Hubbert’s Peak dictates that production from many of the world’s
aging giant fields are heading for bigger declines than we are used to
seeing. Some of the government run super giants such as Canterel in
Mexico and Gawar in Saudi are producing from horizontally drilled
wells. When the oil-water interface hits a horizontally completed
well, there is no gradual fall off in well output, it goes straight
from  a nice little oil producer to 99.9% water.

We really need high oil prices in order for non oil energy to gain a foothold.

Another factor which could slow the drop in oil prices is demand from
the BRIC countries. The IEA’s latest figures show that OECD demand has
indeed dropped by over 1 million bpd.

But China alone is putting 22,000 new cars/day on the road. And most
of these cars are not Yugos or Mini Minors, they are big sedans and

Indeed, Google for “IEA Forecast” and the first result is a headline
dated 10oct08 “IEA Cuts World Oil Demand Forecast on Weak Economy “.
Read the article more carefully and it really refers to demand growth,
rather overall demand (which is still expected to increase by 440,000

Any downturn in oil prices merely delays the inevitable.

What ever way it Turns out nothing will be easy for us all! A good Start would be for every Country to Look after it’s self. No More UN, Human Rights Blah Blah. Most of the Developed Countries of the World Spend a Huge amount of Their Money helping out all the Bludging Countries? Zimbabwe used to Supply Food to Most of Africa now they Can’t even Feed themselves so we have to Feed them!!! All because of an Idiot Government. Censoring the Media’s Biased Reports would help as well. People could think Thailand is in the Midst of a Civil War if you follow some Reports where the Reality is a Street or two in Bangkok have a Bunch of People with Bugger all else to do making Trouble. Of course we could Let North Korea make Nuclear Weapons and Zap 1/2 the Worlds Population? That would solve some Problems of Over Population and Food Shortages???

Enough Rambling for Today as i am getting off the Point!!! Which is of Course as Famously Quoted By Jim Morrison of the Doors: ” Live every Day like it’s your Last as one day you are Bound to be Right”

Have a Great day.

Cheers Ian.

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