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I got a Surprise Call this Morning about 7:15am and Saw it was from NZ. Obviously i thought some Friend or Family Enquiring about My Cousins Stuck Here? But it Turned out to be Garth Bray a Reporter for Television New Zealand Ltd. We ended up having a Telephone Interview that was Recorded and Played on TV1 Evening News back Home in NZ. They Played the Interview with a Picture of me on the Screen. They were Interested in the Affects of the Airport Blockades and Trouble on Business and Life here in “The Land Of Smiles”??? Of Course the Reality is No Tourists will be here for some time after it is resolved but there are still some Cruising around at the Moment ( They have No Choice they are Stranded!!! ) Then I got a Call from My Brother-In-Law who Said He got a Shock when He heard My voice and looked around to See My Mug Shot on the TV back home!!!
On another Note, My Cousins are quite Happy to get a Forced Extension to their Holiday and we had a Great Day and a Good Night Planned. If you are considering a Holiday in the Near Future As soon as the Airport re-opens Thailand will be the Place to Go as they will be Desperate for the Business and Tourist Dollars!!! And if we are Lucky it may even Drive down the Thai Baht’s Value which I believe is being kept Artificially High at the Moment!!! Even Better Value for You all So See you here Soon.
Cheers Ian.

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