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When the Boat Comes In!!!



A couple of Weeks ago there was a Film Crew making a French Movie around the Corner from Us at the “Four Seasons Resort”. The story line required some Authentic Thailand Long Tail Boats so they brought Two in and had them on the Small Lake they have up there and Filmed to make You believe it was a River.  One of the Long Tails had been Brought all the Way from Mae Hong Son which is quite a distance from here and over extremely Windy Roads so needless to Say they didn’t want to repeat the Trip to return it so the Crew Offered the Boat to Long at a discounted Price. She obviously decided it would be Perfect for Us so as soon as the Movie was finished it was delivered to Our lake at the Xorb Ball Park.

Here the Kids get a Close Look  at it on Land!

Captain Cook ( Rauner ) Discovers New Zealand in Thailand???,

Land Ahoy!!!

Aaron still prefers Our Inflatable Dingy because it is Easy to Use and it is Safe for them!!!

So plenty of Boats to keep Busy with now? I thought about getting some Canoes in for People to use if I can just find some decent ones available somewhere???

Cheers Ian.

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