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X-Centre’s 4th Birthday.



dsc02054-small2Well this week marks another Milestone for the Chiang Mai X-Centre, It is 4 Years since we opened for Business. Time has flown and to be Honest it seems like we have always Had the X-Centre!!! Although it is only 4 Years I personally Feel 10 Years Older, Not sure whether this is because of the Business or Our Children Amanda & Aaron or Maybe a Combination of Both??? For What ever reason My Life here in Thailand has been a Myriad of Twists and Turns, Luck and Misfortune. I would Never have Guessed that i would end up Living here or having this Business when i first arrived in Phuket all those Years ago back in 1991. At that Time i was sent here by World Bungy New Zealand to set up the First Bungy Operation in Patong Beach! Originally i was only supposed to Stay for 3 Months but as the Twists and Turns of Life are this ended up a Life Altering Trip!!! How Beautiful Phuket was back then and the Patong Nightlife was So Much Fun!!! The Next 10 Years were Total Turmoil for me from Rags to Riches and back again, Lived in different Countries even got Shafted by the 1997 Asian Crisis along with so many others!!! In 1999  I ended up back in Phuket and this is when i meet Long and we ended up getting Married!!! But as with the rest of the World Times had Changed and with the Development  Phuket was Permanently Changed along with the Attitude of it’s people so after the Arrival of Our Daughter Amanda in 2001 we decided to Shift to Chiang Mai. This was a Big decision and when we arrived up here we had Nothing besides the Bungy Jump Site which we had set up a Year or two before. From Such Humble beginnings we Scrapped together everything we could Raise to Start the X-Centre in 2004. It was all a bit of a Bluff till we managed to Secure a Loan from the bank to Buy the Land. Since then we have just re-invested our Earnings into New attractions and Development. I hope to One Day reach a Point where we can Save Money and cruise a bit but anyway No Complaints, I can still Eat and drink whatever i want whenever i want!!!

Getting Back to the 4th Birthday Party, As with Thai Culture and Beliefs we had a little Ceremony here this Morning to Celebrate Give Merit and Appease the Spirits. I have some Photo’s of this to Share with you all so here Goes:

This First Photo is of the Local Village Spirit Man Together with Myself and Long. He does some Chanting and Stuff to Scare away Bad Spirits and make the Good Ones Happy!!!



This is the X-Centre Spirit House, Most Buildings in Thailand Have them so the Spirits have somewhere to hang Out instead of Hassling any of the Human Inhabitants!!! Of Course had to Show the Local Village Spirit Man As well!!!



Here is Spirit Man tying the Sacred Rope on My Wrist to bring me Good luck and Ward off the Evil Spirits!!!

Photo of me lighting the Fuse on the Fireworks. This again is done to Ward off Evil Spirits, Hopefully by Frightening the Shit out of them!!!

And This is the Result, A Very Loud Explosion And Lots of Smoke and a Huge Mess of Shredded Paper!!!

And Last But Not Least a Picture of Some of Our Staff. At Present we have over 38 staff here at the X-Centre and that doesn’t Include Phuket or Pattaya!!! Some Good Fun People amongst this Lot!!!

Well that about Wraps up this Mornings happenings, I got ago and Do some Real Work! So we should be right for another Year I Hope!!!

Cheers Ian.


  1. Tan & Po from Singapore

    October 16, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    Hi Ian/Ms Long, long time no see. congrats on X-centre’s 4th birthday. hope to be visit CM again soon. cheers

  2. Wim

    October 20, 2008 at 12:54 pm

    Well mate a very well done!! take my hat of to you and Long … ( not that i wear one..) but you know what i mean.
    see ya

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